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    Winterspring Mawlid 2016

    We are delighted to invite you to the 6th annual Winterspring Mawlid running from the 30th Nov 2016 – 11th Dec 2016. We have invited some of the UK’s most influential scholars, including:
    Shaykh Asim Yusuf          Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen 
    Shaykh Nasir Rashid        Shaykh Sjaad Hussain            
    Shaykh Tanwir Hussain    Ustadha Anika Arshad           
    Shaykh Idris Watts            Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razak .

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About Winterspring Mawlid

Winterspring Mawlid is a collaborative initiative based in the UK to celebrate the advent of the Best of Creation, Our Master Muhammad (pbuh).

The Winterspring Mawlid is an initiative of the Nur al-Habib Foundation: an attempt to unite people in love with the Messenger of Allah (s) at a time when the world celebrates the memory of his blessed arrival. Inspired by the nightly remembrances of Hazrat Ghulam Muhyi al-Din Kazi of South Africa in particular, and the practices of spiritual masters in general, it was first inaugurated in the UK in Rabi al-Awwal 2012.  It is organised and led by Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf, also known as the munshid Talib al-Habib.

The programme was well received and quickly surpassed organisers’ expectations, with each night hosting a full house in addition to numerous attendees joining the live stream from the UK and from around the world.  Currently, between 150-300 men, women and children attend in person each night, with another 100 online, and with the final night hosting over 500.  Over the twelve days, attendees collectively recite over 10 million salawat, in addition to thousands of Sura Yaseen’s.

The program is unique: focussed on dhikr and highly participative, commencing with group recitation of Quran and ending with group recitation of the 201 names of the Prophet (s).  Each night, different esteemed scholars deliver short talks around a central text or theme, and a number of classical works have been covered in previous years.  It also features – over the twelve nights – a complete recitation of the only original English Mawlid work: the Soliloquy of the Full Moon.

 Winterspring 2016 – Bringing the Beloved (s) into our lives

Winterspring Mawlid is inspired specifically by the twelve night remembrances of Hazrat Shah Kazi of South Africa, and more generally by the practices of the contemporary spiritual masters of every spiritual order. We remember him through song and group study to ignite the fire of love and yearning for him in the hearts of all people.  The theme for this year is:

Lessons from the Makkah Sirah.

The aim is to bring out aspects of perfected Prophetic character that manifested in these phases of the sirah, and draw lessons from them. The purpose is not to focus on merely narrating the sirah, but analysing it to glean aspects of Prophetic character that we can implement in our own lives.

Event Details:

Date: Every night from 30th Nov 2016 – 11th Dec 2016

Time:  8.00pm – 9.30pm

Location: Ghamkol Sharif Education Centre, Golden Hillock Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0DX

Attendance: Brothers, Sisters and Children Welcome (Segregated Seating)

Live Streaming:

All events will be live streamed here
Previous sessions can be found here

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Join us for group recitations of Surah Ya Sin, Qasida Burda (Poem of the Prophets Cloak), Soliloquy of the Full Moon and Qasa’id performed by nasheed artists. Lectures delivered by special guest speakers and a group recital of Asma an-Nabi (The Beautiful Names of The Prophet), With an optional group recital of Dalail al-Khayrat (Waymarks of Benefits in the Remembrance of Blessings on the Chosen Prophet (s)

Program DateTimeSoliloquySpeakerTopicNasheeds
1st Night
30/11/20168.00 pm PrologueShaykh Asim Yusuf & Shaykh Faisal Abdur-RazakIntroduction TBC
2nd Night
01/12/20168.00 pm NamesShaykh Idris WattsTeens, ShepherdingTBC
3rd Night
02/12/20168.00 pm IbrahimShaykh Nasir RashidTrading, Marital lifeTBC
4th Night
03/12/20167.30 pm LineageShaykh Tanwir Hussain* & Ustadha Anika Arshad**Onset of RevelationTBC
5th Night
04/12/20168.00 pm ElephantShaykh Muhammad YaseenSelect Call, 1st MuslimsTBC
6th Night
05/12/20168.00 pm BirthShaykh Sjaad HussainEarly TeachingTBC
7th Night
06/12/20168.00 pm NursingShaykh Ruzwan MohammedOpen CallTBC
8th Night
07/12/20168.00 pm RevelationShaykh Salman YounasPersecution/AbyssiniaTBC
9th Night
08/12/20168.00 pm DescriptionShaykh Daniel JacksonTa’if/Year of SadnessTBC
10th Night
09/12/20168.00 pm Isra/MirajShaykh Tahir KianiMi’rajTBC
11th Night
10/12/20168.00 pm CharacterShaykh Zein HudAqaba/Prep for HijraTBC
12th Night
11/12/20168.00 pm Final SupplicationVarious Scholars Ziyara of the Blessed Hair of the Prophet (pbuh)TBC

* Men’s Mawlid: on 3rd Dec 2016, the men will be joining the main Ghamkol Sharif Mawlid in the main masjid. Our program will commence after isha and run as normal.
** Women’s Mawlid: as per the overwhelming request from last year, on the 3rd Dec 2016, there will be a special women’s only Winterspring Mawlid at the Education Centre.

We will also be joined by: Shaykh Shammas Tubraiz, Shaykh Mohammed Qamar, Shaykha Safia Shahid, Shaykh Baber Pervez and Shaykh Waseem Ahmed.

The Soliloquy of the Full Moon

The Original English Mawlid

‘Dazzling! Will stir love and yearning for Allah’s Beloved (s) in your heart and mind.’   (Shaykh Faraz Rabbani – Seekershub Global)
‘A blessed and magnificent mawlid, beautiful and serene.’  (Shaykh Ahmad Sa’ad al-Azhari)

This is the first ever traditional mawlid work composed in English. Long bereft of an opportunity to truly appreciate classical works about the birth, early life and characteristics of the Prophet (s), English speakers can now enjoy the complete mawlid experience in their own language.

Over 1000 lines of fully metered traditional poetry, and accompanied by six musically scored qasidas by Talib al-Habib, the Soliloquy was composed by its fifteen year old author over the first 12 nights of Rabi al-Awwal 1436.

Over 12 chapters, it covers the names, virtues and lineage of the Prophet (s), the signs and wonders preceding and heralding his advent, his early life, the first revelation, the mi’raj and his blessed characteristics, before a concluding supplication.

It is a must for every home, and can be just as easily recited to one’s children at bedtime as in large formal gatherings. Authenticated by scholars, and entirely in inspiring rhyming verse, it is a truly blessed work.

Bound in a beautiful hardback edition, it has been launched exclusively at Winterspring 2015 and is available online at www.TheEnglishMawlid.com.

Visit The English Mawlid

People Winterspring

  • It is an honour and a privilege to be part of this event. Because of the knowledge I have gained through these sessions, my world has changed, literally! My family dynamics have improved. I have become so self aware as a person and it all has started to make sense. I feel better equipped as a parent, a daughter and sister and teacher.

    Khadijah Abdullah, Teacher
  • I’ve been attending Winter Spring Mawlid for many years now. It has changed my life for the better. I have gained knowledge that I wish I had years ago. I recommend Winter Spring Mawlid to everybody.

    Dr Asim is one amazing person. His knowledge is so vast and the way he delivers the lessons is truly amazing. If anyone deserves a Medal of Excellence, it has to be Dr Asim for delivering in an amazing way.  They say that a student never forgets a good teacher. Dr Asim is one teacher I’ll never forget. May Allah bless him and his family and grant him Jannah al Ferdos for all his hard work, Ameen.

    Mohammed Khan, Accountant
  • Masha Allaah a very well structured and organised event, May Allaah reard those that organise it, set it up and teach it.

    It truly is an inspirational event and Ustaadh Burhaan Masha Allaah what humble Teacher, So full of humility and his teaching methods just leave you wishing the lesson did not have to come to an end. Masha Allah coupled with Ustaadh Burhaan just leaves wanting to draw closer and closer to Allaah. May Allaah bless you all.

    Ahmed Siddiqui, Student
  • I’m loving this Winter Spring Mawlid. I look forward to it every year and I’m really benefiting from it! Im learning lots and have met lots of great sisters here. I’m a revert to Islam and find the class atmosphere very welcoming where as others Iv found rather daunting! Id recommend the event to anyone. JazakAllaah Khair toeveryone involved in running the event.

    Claire Birks, Pharmacist