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    All live updates regarding the live stream such as updates regarding a delay in the start time of the live stream and other announcements will be made in the chat room.

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    Video Quality: For improved quality; click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video and select 720p from the list.

    Technical Issues: Use Google Chrome, if you have trouble with audio then use headphones, if you experience any latency or pixilation, please refresh the page.
    Technical Support: If any technical problems persist, then submit a comment in the chat room.

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 Join us in sending 5,000,000 Salawat. Salawats Pledged 30,100


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Mawlid Texts

This page serves as a collection of various Qasidas and resources regarding the Mawlid for you to download, print and use in your local gatherings.


  • Intention for Sending Blessings upon the Prophet (s) by Imam al-Haddad

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